5 Famous Travel Blogs of Dubai, Worth To Follow in 2019

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Dubai is a city that is a melting pot of various cultures, cuisines, and architecture. This city is home to some of the most monumental architectural brilliance like the Burj Khalifa. This is a city for sales bargains, sunshine, and lots of family fun.

Take a stroll around the Bastakia District and discover ancient Dubai. There is more to this city than the upmarket lifestyle and oil. Dubai is a city that will continue to charm you even beyond these places. In this article, I have talked about five of the wonderful blog sites which will help you explore Dubai is a much more intriguing way.

Dubai Travel Blog

This is one of the best travel blogs to follow in 2019 as this blog gives a detailed view of the places to visit and things to do in Dubai. It has been developed by ED, who has been living in the desert city for over 5 years.  I have personally followed this blog and also shared some of my experiences with him. He explores the city of Dubai with his Fujifilm mirrorless camera and his goal is to make this a very resourceful portal highlighting the top attractions, adventures, culture, and virtually everything about Dubai.

The blog talks about Dubai as a booming city with plenty of expats living in a multicultural city.  This blog also gives a detailed list of the hot and happenings places in Dubai along with Etihad Airways Coupons to make your journey trouble-free.


This is the most viewed blog and newsletter and is sometimes referred to as the official guide to Dubai. It features a simple travel guide and contains everything that you would love to about this enthralling metropolis. Whether it’s for your business and travel visit, this guide will help you to locate the most budget as well as luxurious accommodations in Dubai and let you fly budget with their Etihad Airways Coupon Code.

This guide takes you through the interesting history about the formation of the city and gives you a detailed view of the geography of the land. Moreover, you can also get important travel tips and visa information. This site provided me with much-needed information on the various hidden gems of Dubai. The guides give a view of the various souks located in the city and come handy with a map to locate the suburbs of the city.


This is the hottest and happening blogging site for 2019 and is a force to reckon with when comes to traveling in Dubai. Whether you are seeking information about shopping in this cool city or gearing for some adventurous holiday fun their dedicated bloggers will make sure that you have a wonderful experience In Dubai. They have all the essential flight information and Etihad Airways Coupon to help you book the cheapest flight journeys to Dubai.

This blog site also shares information about experiences from tourists who visited this city. I can safely say that the information on their blogs is authentic and factual.

The Boho Chica

It is a very fun-filled blog site which is managed by Natasha. She lives in Dubai and she loves everything about Dubai. I have followed her blogs and found them to be offbeat in listing the travel destinations in Dubai.  She has some amazing resources which will be extremely beneficial to you when you reach Dubai. From shopping to the food she has everything in her kitty. You can also book flight tickets from her site by using Etihad Airways Discount Coupon Code.

She also posts great reviews from travelers all around Dubai and you can also plan your travel itinerary by taking help from Natasha’s travel packages. She has all the fun-filled information about Dubai travel.

Adventurous Miriam

This travel blog contains general information written in a very lucid style by Miriam who is a Danish traveler who has visited about 60 countries. What I like is the simplicity of her travel site and how she infuses information with fun-filled street traveling in Dubai. She also provides information on Etihad Airways Promo Code which you can use.

Dubai is a place that will continue to fascinate travelers and these blogs will surely help you to uncover the mystic land of Dubai is more ways than one. Discover the famous places in Dubai and when you travel you will realize how the expectations match your reality.

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