Top 5 Luxury Lifestyle Shopping Deals in UAE

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The United Arab Emirates is famous worldwide as the shopping hub of Middle East. This is the place that hosts the biggest shopping festival in the World, which happens in Dubai. This is evident that luxurious lifestyle knows no boundary when in UAE. The United Arab Emirates, with a special importance on Dubai, is famous for offering the best brands in the world at the cheapest price. This is a place where anyone from the world can get the best Parisian lifestyle at dirt different rates.
Visiting Dubai amongst the other places in Dubai is definitely more charm to tourists as you can go shopping in the World famous Mall of Emirates and Dubai Mall. These are gateways that not only offer great shopping options but also provide the visitors with loads of entertainments.
The top 5 luxury Lifestyle Shopping Gateways in UAE:
When we talk about the best deals on Luxury Lifestyle shopping the first place in UAE that strikes our mind is Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These places in UAE are always glittering with exclusive brands in their huge shopping malls. The top 5 situations when you get the best deals in UAE can be brief as below –
1. The Shopping Festival at Dubai –  Of course, no deal on lifestyle products is better than the deals UAE offer during the Dubai Shopping Festival. This is World’s largest festival that is exclusively held for a period of one month in Dubai during the month of January. Every year Dubai comes up with the best deal on best products belonging to world famous branded items for shopping. This is the time when the world comes in together for shopping under the best offers. DSF, as the festival is known as worldwide, is not all about grabbing best shopping deals and best brands but also about enjoying the culture of Middle East. This is the time when the streets are buzzing with nightlife, food and local cultural shows and fireworks.
2. The summer Surprises at Dubai-  Owing to the success of the great Dubai Shopping Festival, UAE has come up with the Spirit of shopping in its summer Surprises. This summer blast came up with the concept of shopping as this is time for Sumer holidays and school vacations. The DSS, as the locals call it, is held during the end of June, when the sun is scorching outside. This festival is also gaining popularity in the world, as the hotels provide the room at rates cheaper than their rack rate. Hence this is a double gain for all the shopping lovers who can ignore the temperature outside. This is the time for huge sale on all lifestyle goods.
3. Mall of Emirates–  Of course, shopping in Dubai is never complete if you have not visited the biggest mall, Mall of Emirates. There is no brand in the world that is not available in this Mall. The best fact about shopping is the price you pay here for these World famous branded items. Mall of Emirates is a one-stop destination for a family, where your wife can enjoy shopping over here, your kid can have the ultimate fun at the ski Park whereas you can explore time at viewing the theatres and cinemas. The products you get in the mall are definitely the best when the quality is taken into consideration and the price these are available at are no doubt the best.
4. The Souqs in Dubai –  Dubai Souq are famous worldwide for the great quality of gold and other lifestyle items available out here. These are the traditional Middle-eastern style market where even gold is available as cheap as a steal. The Souqs at Deira is famous worldwide for its exceptional collection of branded apparels that are sold side by side the Spice and Gold.
5. The Fine Art of Bargaining in UAE–  The main fund of shopping and grabbing the best Discount offers Dubai comes when you join in the bargaining at the Souqs. A common trend to get the best deal from the Souqs and alleys of UAE is to bargain with the merchants. The lifestyle products bought by bargaining are not mere local items but luxury brands available at dirt cheap price.

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