Amazing Tips To Save Your Money During UAE Travel 2019

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Everybody loves travelling. Not only does it refresh your mind but it also helps you to know more about a different culture. If you plan on travelling to the UAE, it will cost you. However, you can use these tips in order to save your money during your next trip to the UAE.

  1. Look For Budget Hotels: UAE is famous for its amazing 7 – star hotels. These hotels have all the best facilities that you can imagine. However, if you are planning to save money on your trip, you might want to stay at a budget hotel. The nisnass coupon code is often used by travellers in order to get great deals on the hotel. If you visit the downtown area of Dubai, you can see that there is a huge price difference between the five stars and the budget hotels. You might not get all the facilities, but many budget hotels are quite hospitable.
  2. A Trip To Old Quarter: Compared to all the other places, the Old Quarter is way cheaper. It is one of the most vintage sites in Dubai. It gives you an idea about the historical period of the times when Greeks were in power in Dubai. This place is more affordable as you only need 3 AED to enter the museum and 1 AED to use a boat taxi. Other than the Golden Souk, all the other places have cheaper rates and similar prices.
  3. Save Money On Food: UAE is known for spoiling all the travellers with choices when it comes to dining. However, if you plan on saving money, then you need to be choosy when it comes to selecting dining options. There are several such small joints where you can get a plethora of dining options, and you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket. Nisnass promo code UAE helps you to get the best deals on dining in UAE.
  4. Use The Metro: In Dubai, it is not possible to go sightseeing by walking. You need to hire taxis or use public transport to explore the place completely. But hiring a car or a taxi can be quite expensive. Instead of a taxi, you can always use the metro. Metro is not only a cheaper option, but it is also the most reasonable mode of transport. You can travel from one part of the city to another in just a few minutes. You do not have to worry about traffic or getting late. Moreover, you can enjoy the view of the entire city as well from the metro.
  5. Look For Places With Free Entry: There are several places in the UAE where you can enter for free. You may want to visit an expensive club but is it really a viable option. But if you choose a club that offers free entry, you can save yourself a lot of money. There are so many clubs which offer free entry to women, especially on Tuesday night. You can even get a few drinks on the house. Moreover, you should always visit public beaches. There are several resorts which have a private beach, but those can drain your pockets. But do not worry! You can now have a nice time at a public beach without spending any money.
  6. Keep A Check On Shopping: If you really want to travel UAE on a budget, you have to save money. Usually, one spends a lot of money on shopping abroad. But that is a very stupid idea. Several malls in Dubai will provide you with lucrative options. However, you need to be careful about spending your money. If you cannot cut down on shopping completely, you have to make a list and buy only the essential items.

There are some rookies mistakes that you make that can cost you a lot of money. Planning is the key. If you follow these tips and plan accordingly, you will save a lot of money and use it to travel to other places as well. What are you waiting for? Time to pack for that UAE trip that you have been waiting for!

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