Looking for a healthy yet tasty dinner? Here are the top 5 places serving healthy food for you in Dubai

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In today’s busy lifestyle with fast food and junky street food, one thing which every one of should keep in our mind is the value of healthy foods. It is not that we do not like healthy food, but we do not get tasty yet healthy food around us. Thus having healthy food does not mean that you have to leave the taste or flavors. There are lots of restaurants in Dubai that serve healthy and equally tasty dinners for you. Not only that these restaurants serve great food but also provide some of the most exciting deals for you. All you have to do is to look for some great UAE shopping promo codes and avail great discounts. Below are some of the greatest restaurants in Dubai serving healthy yet tasty dinners for you.

  • Catfish: The newly opened restaurant, located in the Business Bay is owned by renowned food and wellness blogger Gbemi Giwa. With a touch of her hometown Africa, the restaurant serves African food with a touch of health and wellness. If you are hungry yet looking for some tasty and healthy food, Catfish is what you are looking for. The restaurant has also got a vegan section, so if you are the one belonging from that segment, you do not have to worry as Catfish has got your back covered. The place is quite pocket-friendly, however, if you are looking to make it more affordable, look for some Groupon promo codes which will help you to avail some great discounts in food in Dubai.
  • Little Erth by NABz nG: This is yet another place on Dubai which serves amazing yet healthy dinners. Located in a bend of JLT’s Cluster J, the place is awarded the best vegan restaurant in Gulf from a leading food delivery company. So if you are one of them who is bit health conscious, this place is definitely for you. The restaurant is well decorated with cheeky decors which will give you a homely experience with a good collection of books and board games.
  • Roots Bistro: The place is located well far from the Dubai Silicon Oasis, however, if you drive from the oasis to have a healthy dinner; it is totally worth. With plenty of vegan options to choose from, the restaurant serves anything which is fresh from the local farms. Victor, the owner of the place who is also a chef here focuses on serving fresh meals for his customers which is healthy at the same time. Grab some UAE groupon deals to avail discounts and offers on your food bill here.
  • Beast Mode: This restaurant is the latest of all in this list of healthy restaurants; however the concept of this restaurant is totally different from Beast Mode allows you to count your count of protein, carbohydrates, and fats separately which you will be gaining from order from this restaurant. You can well design your healthy food pack here according to your requirement. Listed in little higher priced eating joints, this place is worth a visit for all gym lovers. If you are in Dubai for a vacation and a health enthusiast this place is a must visit for you.
  • Fit Food Kitchen: This is yet another place located in the Cluster’s J of Dubai which serves calorie specific food for you. This is the place is one of the regulars for all gym goers in that area as they get to know the exact amount of calories they are taking in. Another plus of this place is the restaurant prepares all its food with coconut oil, instead of any other cheap cooking oils which make it healthier for you.

It can be stated that finding healthy yet tasty food is not rocket science. All you have to do is to look for the best place according to your preference. If you are in Dubai and looking for some healthy and tasty foods, these are the best options which you can always give a try to. Make sure to look for discounts with Groupon coupons UAE for the best deals available here.

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