Planning a trip to Dubai? Here are the deals to save money during your trip

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Dubai is one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates.  It is not an ideal destination for budget travelers. I loved Dubai from the very first moment I left the airport. The city is truly magnificent with the tallest tower the Burj Khalifa located here. From the desert safari to the belly dancing and camel riding Dubai will continue to enthrall you. But all of these come for a cost.

Dubai is a city of offers too as you will find there are many online discounts available. Amazon Promo codes give you a lot of discounts to use with discretion. There is also clever money saving tips which I will offer to make your trip to Dubai a more budget-friendly one.

Tips to Save money in Dubai

As I have already mentioned, Dubai is not a pocket-friendly city. Here the accommodation rates are quite high so you need to exercise caution. I did a good amount of research on the internet before arriving in Dubai which made some real cash using Groupon UAE coupon codes. There are also other hacks for you to try.

  • Cheap places to eat

Most travelers I know stick to the more popular tourist places in Dubai where the costs are obviously high. Like if you stay near the city proper or eat at a popular eatery you have to shell out more bucks. So, walk around the city and you will bump upon some cheap places. Hanging out in Karama, Bur Dubai or Satwa will balance your pockets.

  • Save on Transportation

Save some money on transportation by using the Dubai Metro. Although it doesn’t connect to all points in the city is still a better option. Taxis are expensive in Dubai so skip your ride often. Buses are infrequent but if you the time hop into one and saving your transport bill. If you are planning to rent a car, do it right now because petrol is cheap in Dubai. Buy your petrol in the early morning or after dusk because petrol is thicker during this time. It will save you from running your petrol out. Use Groupon promo codes at the fuel station to save some bucks.

  • Don’t visit in the peak season

The peak season in Dubai starts in October and lasts until March. I have visited Dubai in August. It was hot but bearable and the rates of hotels and travel were much cheaper. So, try to visit during the offseason to grab better deals.

  • Research offers well in advance

There’s a lot of offers which go to Dubai from time to time. Dubai is a place where you don’t need to pay full value for everything you use or buy. I have personally benefitted using Groupon promo codes UAE and you can also do the same. Offers are more during the holiday season like Ramadan. Typical offers include great shopping deals, cash back on hotel booking and many others. Research your offers online before planning your getaway in Dubai.

  • Lookout for cheaper accommodations

Accommodation is costly in due and hotel prices are usually stiff. I had put up with a local family and had a great time. If you traveling to Dubai search online for local families offering homestay options to tourists. They are way cheaper than hotels. Find out low budget backpackers place and you will save more.

  • Free events in Dubai

There are a lot of free events and concerts which happen in Dubai throughout the year. Many tourists are not aware of this deal.  Save money using Groupon UAE promo codes and visit concerts and events for free. I also got a free lunch offer using one of these codes.

  • Watch out for discounted park tickets

There are many parks and entertainment zones in Dubai which are free entry zones. Sneak into one of these parks and spend some quality time. Some game parks also offer discounted tickets online through Groupon coupon codes. Use these codes judiciously to gain subsidized entry tickets.

Dubai is a land which wills plenty of opportunities to entertain you. I have enjoyed this place very much and you will too. From duty-free shops to tall towers and wide open spaces, Dubai will offer you some exalting trips which you will remember for years to come.

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