Top 10 Amazing Deals to save your Money during Dubai Trip

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Dubai, the land of the Arabs is a sprawling city with skyscrapers, sandy beaches, and giant shopping malls. It is by no means a city for the miser and budget traveler. When you come to Dubai, you come to splurge. But, I have been seen it myself that this is not all true.

Yes, Dubai is rich and flamboyant but you can still find some fantastic ways to save your bucks. There are lots of discounts coupons in UAE which will give you relief by saving you tons of money. I got some amazing deals online by hitting on the right promo codes. I am offering you some practical tips to keep your money inside your purse in Dubai.

How to save money in Dubai

Dubai is not only about the rich and the famous. Dubai is a tax-free shopping paradise but does your research before fiddling away your money. There are some low priced souks which will offer you savings through Discount coupons UAE.

  1. Plan your budget

If you are planning a trip to Dubai start making preparations when you are thinking of visiting the city. There are websites that have low airfare tickets if you book in advance. Flights operating to Dubai are sometimes pricey. So, why not try Abu Dhabi. Emirates are rolling out cheap flight deals and it is just an hour’s drive from Dubai. I received a huge discount on my flight ticket along with breakfast through discount coupons UAE.

  1. Hope on to the Metro

Dubai cabs are royalty personified. They charge exorbitantly and believe me they can charge you anything if you are a tourist. The new Dubai metro will help you by taking you around Dubai. Yes, they don’t go everywhere but at least it will save you a lot of bucks. Try the buses but they are infrequent. You can use discount coupons UAE to avail ticket deductions. Metros don’t run on Fridays from the airport to make your travel plan accordingly.

  1. Find affordable accommodation

Dubai has a number of budget hotels apart from the costly ones. If you are looking for hotels in the city proper, your budget will shoot up. Do what I did; find cheap hotels just outside the main tourist area. There are many online couch surfer sites which give you out some discounts coupons in UAE. These sites will also help you in finding local residents who are willing to share their shelters with you.

  1. Local foods are reasonable in Dubai

If you are planning to dine out in Dubai in a large restaurant the food prices will shock you. I tried once and never ventured again. Try the local food shacks to fill your tummy. Local cuisines are moderately priced with a variety of dishes.  Visit Bur Dubai and Deira where you will find your best bet. There are a number of Indian operated restaurants and the prices are very low out there.

  1. Pocket-friendly sightseeing tours

There are some places in Dubai where you need to pay a steep entrance fee while some areas are free zones. Visit the old town of Bastakiya for a short tour. This is the heritage town of Dubai and houses the Dubai Museum. The town has a strong culture-centric feel with distinguished street arts. There are also some parks which offer low priced tickets with discount coupons UAE.

  1. Walk along the corniche

The Deira Corniche is a beautiful esplanade along the Dubai beach. It is also known the JBR and you can walk along the entire stretch without spending a dime. I got a beautiful sunset view from the beach. I also ate from some of the seaside shacks and food was yummy.

  1. Visit the local souks

The branded retail shops are costly in Dubai; there are no two ways about it. I visited the local Arabian markets also known as souks in Dubai. You will find exquisite spices, fruits, and gift items from the small shops inside the souks. Some shops accept discount coupons UAE and get great price deductions.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city which has something for every traveler. A trip to this charming metropolis won’t break your bank if you are little careful about spending your money. So, visit this land of sand dunes, desert safari, and belly dancers and make yourself feel at home.

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