Top 10 Fashion and Shopping Instagram Influencers from Dubai

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Social media influencers are people who have used one or more social media platforms to create a huge fan base. These influencers come from different social backgrounds and post curated content on fashion, travel, lifestyle, and fitness among others.

Dubai is the fashion capital of the Middle East and has one of the youngest populations. So, companies sometimes use social media influencers to market Centrepoint promo code and capture the imagination of this millennials. The social media influencers I have personally followed have gained strong credibility among the young generation and here is a list of the top ten among these social media personalities which will be an interesting read for you.


  1. Huda Kattan


Huda Kattan is the most widely known social media influencer from Dubai. She was born in Oklahoma City to Iraqi parents.  Her claim to fame rose from her makeup tutorials and advice videos which gained instant traction on YouTube. My wife personally views her videos and has benefitted from her tips. She also has her own cosmetics brand Huda Beauty.

  1. Abdullaziz Baz

This guy is a comedian and a model from Dubai and is known as Bin Baz in the stages. He is a popular influencer on Instagram and creates hilarious videos and offers fantastic shopping tips in a funny way. He has a lovable nature which has earned him profile sponsorships from tech, car, and perfume companies. He has more than 5 million followers on Instagram and if you are searching for a smile and some friendly shopping advice he is the man to watch out in 2019.

  1. Fouz al Fahad

He has become one of Dubai’s most prominent beauty influencers who have taken over the social media world by storm. She promotes several e-commerce sites and offers beauty tips and Centrepoint Coupon Code for her followers. So, don’t be surprised if Fouz pops on your Instagram page.

  1. Dalal Aldoub

Dalal has been writing blogs since 2012 and her personal website dalalid whose contents focus solely on her daily clothing choices which have captured the attention of millions of Arab shoppers.

She is one of the top influencers and also started her YouTube channel where she provides makeup tips and her experiences. One of her goals is to empower women about adopting their own unique styles and makeup.

  1. Njoud Al Shammari

She is a well-known lifestyle blogger, YouTube sensation, and Instagram queen from Saudi. She has high profile sponsors from her Instagram posts and was ranked as one of the top YouTube female influencers from Dubai. She gives tips on fashion and travel and features occasionally her two brothers.

  1. Noha Nabil

She is one of the most social media influencers and Instagram stars from Dubai. She is also a mother of three with an engineering degree and a TV presenter. She is over 5 million followers on her Instagram page and has the expert knowledge to connect with her audiences. She is one blogger I follow through my account to keep myself updated about the latest fashion trends.

  1. Lana Rose

Lana is an influencer from Dubai and began her social media career in 2013 by opening up an Instagram account and following it up with her YouTube channel. She also posts her makeup tutorials and is known for her lavish lifestyle. She also provides shopping guides in and around Dubai.

  1. Mahmoud Sidani

Sidani travels all around the world and takes part in various fashion festivals. He posts his personal blog on Instagram and is known to have close acquaintances with a number of well-known celebrities. He also gives important tips on travel to Dubai.

  1. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

He is not only the crown prince of Dubai he rules social media as well. He visits the most remote of places and gives detailed accounts of his trips with lovely pictures. He has a huge follower base on Instagram and he is the one influencer I follow to visit the offbeat places in Dubai.


  1. Darin Al Bayed

She is a content creator and comic star and has over 4 million followers on Instagram.

Darin Al Bayed explores gender-based social dynamics that exist in Saudi. She is a dynamic influencer and also provides beauty tips for Arab women.

These social media influencers not only offer shopping and travel tips they also empower people through their posts and photos. Dubai has the most number of Instagram followers in the Middle East and these celebrities are opening the doors for new trends and styles in the fashion arena of Dubai.

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