Top 5 Electronic Shopping Blogger From Dubai, You Must Follow Them

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If you live in Dubai or planning an extended visit, then you have come to the right place. I have travelled to Dubai a few times now, and it is my favourite place to visit! I could write pages upon pages about everything that you could do when you are visiting Dubai, and trust me; even a hundred pages would not be enough to explain just how fun and exciting the place is! It is filled with sites where you can enjoy the scenery as well as enjoy yourself. Shopping seems to be the favourite pass time for tourists as well as locals alike. Shopping for electronic gadgets, and outfits are what I love doing whenever I am in Dubai. As I started to spend more and more time in the city, I discovered some great bloggers who post but e amazing sites in Dubai as well as other lifestyle topics such as beauty, fashion and of course, technology! These blogs make me feel like I never left the city, and if you plan on visiting the city, you must follow them to keep up to date with eh latest news!

  1. The Luxe Diary: if you are a fan of luxury, then you will love this online blog you can find everything you want here from fashion tips to event schedules.
  2. Sand in the City: fashion, street style, life in the city, what is new and what is hot, you will find everything here. If you want to know what you should do in the city, then do not forget to check out this blog.
  3. BoyDubai: technology updates cannot get better than the ones on this blog. If you like to have the latest technology which also works like a dream, and is filled with useful features, then you will love this blog.
  4. What Doesn’t Suck?: the name says it all. This blog will help you figure out what you should spend your money on and what you should steer clear of when you are in the city. With the help of this blog, you can make wise choices.
  5. TheShazWorld: Here you can also get beauty updates along with a glimpse of the Dubai lifestyle.

These blogs helped me discover a lot of tips and tricks I use when I am in Dubai. I discovered the 6th Street UAE Promo code, which has helped me save a lot of money on the site. 6th street is an online shopping site with the most fashionable outfits, and you will be glad to have found 6th street UAE promo codes when you see the stylish clothing items n the site. You will not be able to stop yourself from spurging!

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