Top 7 Travel Influencers on Instagram in Qatar 2019

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Travel influencers are those who share their travel stories on their Instagram account and inspire their followers to travel to a certain destination. Many travel brands such as hotels, restaurants, airlines, and stores selling local goods and products often develop a partnership with them to reach their audience for the promotion of their brands.

Is it necessary for travel brands to get associated with Travel Influencer?

User-generated content or UGC is the contents created by various social media users in the form of images, videos, etc that represents their experience. UGC acts as a great form of marketing tool, especially in the travel industry. As a result, many travel influencers can easily align their personal experience with the campaign of the brands they are promoting such as Qatar Airways promo codes and similar others offered by various travel brands. As influencer marketing is becoming popular with time owing to its various benefits, one cannot deny the fact that it has become a need for travel brands as well. While many might doubt regarding the effectiveness of this type of marketing, one can yield various benefits from this type of marketing. Let us discuss the reasons for which any travel brand need the help of travel influencers.

Most of the customers are influenced by the reviews online

As more and more people have become highly active on various platforms of social media, they can easily differentiate between promotional content and reviews made by real travelers. Brands recommended by real travelers hold more value to their viewers than any form of endorsements done by celebrities.  The audience can easily relate to the experience shared by someone who has been to a place, stayed in a particular hotel or other forms of accommodation, experienced local cuisine and bring back mementos or souvenirs from that place. This type of contents motivates the people to experience it themselves. As a result, while sharing their experience, influencers can promote various brands without being obvious. For instance, they can share whether they have availed any coupons for their flights or accommodations such as Qatar Airways discount coupons and many more, during their trip.

Tell an engaging story through visual content

To influence the audience, a travel influencer generally tries to tell an engaging story through various images. This can be while they were visiting a certain attraction, or trying local cuisine or buying local handicrafts or even while on their flights. These types of images not only hold the interest of the audience, but it also establishes their authenticity. The buying decision of the audience depends a lot on the recommendation of the peers than the information provided by the brands. As a result, they are quite useful in expressing the reliability of the brands.

Save the expenses related to creating contents

As the brands need influencers to promote their products and services, influencers also need brands for the increase in the number of audiences through positive publicity. Various brands can reward the influencers they are partnering in various ways to motivate them for creating contents on their behalf. In this way, they can save a lot of expenses that usually would have involved while promoting in other forms of media. As a result, influencers can promote both the brand and the various promotional coupon codes they offer such as Qatar Airways Coupon in UAE or similar other from hotels or restaurants or others in their content.

Selecting the right travel influencers

As per the latest trend, while more and more travel brands are showing interest in collaborating with travel influencers, it is important to select the right influencer for the purpose.

Relevant influencers

A travel influencer with a large number of followers doesn’t necessarily means, that they are ideal for the particular travel brand. It is important to check whether their followers are the target audience of that particular brand. For instance, Qatar airlines promoting Qatar Airways coupon need to associate with influencers whose audience will be interested in traveling and exploring. Most of the time, brands develop a partnership with mega influencers and invest a huge sum of money on them for promotion purpose without considering their audience. This type of investment will not help them to reach their target audience.

It is important to select influencers having a higher level of engagement and are relevant to the brand; as they can help any business to gain maximum benefit worth their investment.

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