Tops 5 Hacks to Get a Great Lifestyle Deals from Online Shopping In Dubai

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People traveling via Dubai finds it’s a necessity to take a halt because no other place is as profitable as Dubai in terms of shopping goods. The quality and brands sold here are first class. It is true that Dubai is an expensive city. But like every other place, Dubai also gives you a lot of scopes to save money and shop online on a fixed budget. Here are the 5 golden tips to save a great amount of money from Dubai.

Tops 5 hacks for online lifestyle deals in Dubai

  1. Record Your Measurements

A big shortcoming of online shopping in UAE is that you cannot put on the apparel and take the measurement. Instead, you have to do everything on an estimation basis. Different brands offer different sizes and shapes of products. It becomes really difficult t just look at it and say whether you will look good in it or not. Hence, you end up buying a closet full of clothes that do not fit well into you. To avoid such circumstances, take little time out and get yourself properly measured by a professional. There are tailors who might charge you only a few amounts. Well, many do not and help you out in free. If at all you do not find a place for taking measurements, you can help yourself as well. You can ask your friend to help you out for taking measurements in the hard-to-reach spots such as the inseam and bust. While taking a measurement, keep your posture straight. After following this process, you may find out that all throughout you have been buying clothes for the wrong measurement.


  1. Use Free Two-Way Shipping and Order Multiple Sizes

While shopping online, it is important that you go through the return policies thoroughly. Big online shopping hubs provide consumers the opportunity of enjoying free shipping both ways. This implies that the product will be delivered without a shipping charge. Further, if you face a problem with the product and feel like rejecting it, it can be returned to the company at zero shipping cost. This also induces little harm in trying out two or three clothes and sending them back together if they do not fit you instead of sending each individually. If you can carry back the receipt with you, well and good, else it is not always necessary.


  1. Leave Items in Your Digital Shopping Cart

One of the most cunning tricks is to add products to your shopping cart without completing the process of a transaction and keep the retailer waiting, making him think that you will probably buy it, but in reality, you may not. Generally, you will get notified several times in a day that your item is left in the cart. Mostly, the company sends a persuasive deal along with the item that you have stocked in the cart so that you quickly purchase it.


  1. Never Buy Until You Find the Code

Most of you, right after viewing the product, are ready to hit on the ‘purchase’ option. But there is nothing to hurry so much. Take a deep breath and analyze the product thoroughly. The primary benefit of buying things online is that you never have to pay the original price. Online sites offer different promotional techniques to the different class of buyers. If you hold on to your patience, you might be fortunate enough to hit upon the right deal at the right time. The best solution to achieve a great deal while buying things online is to keep a regular check on the site that you prefer and wait for the price to drop. Make sure that your waiting too much doesn’t make the product out of stock.


  1. Create a Dummy Email for All The Spam

A final step to deal with spending less in online shopping in Dubai is to create a separate email address that will be allotted only for those messages of different shopping sites. Do not let the online shopping sites take hold of your inbox and flood your message box with unimportant messages. Giving access to shopping sites to only one email address will exhaust you for checking in daily. Instead, you can visit the separate account created only for shopping brands only when necessary. You might be asked to like their pages as a part of their promotional activity, but you can unlike them as soon as you are done with your business.

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